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Moving in Tokyo

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Price System
(Basic Prices is for within Tokyo 23-k
u area)

The price we give you is based on the distance to be travelled between houses, as well as the amount of items to be moved.
Helping Hands Basic Plan Helping Hands Assistant Plan
1 ton van + driver
1 ton van + driver + assistant
7,800 yen~
15,800 yen~
This plan is for people who have a small amount to move. For example, singles or couples living in a one or two room flat, mainly boxes or smaller items , with no large items of furniture. (eg. Large fridge, washing machine , piano etc..)
This plan is for anyone who requires a large amount to be moved, including items such as large fridges,washing mashines, closets, desks, large beds and sofas, etc...

Late night charge If you need to move after 8:00pm, we will charge you 2,000yen per hour in addition to the basic fee.
Outside the Tokyo-23ku area If you need to move outside of Tokyo 23-ku area, extra fees will be charged to account for fuel and time costs. These will be discussed at the time of the quote.
   Please feel free to ask us for a quote on your needs anytime, 
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