Tokyo Helping Hands also provides furniture disposal and airconditioner removal services.

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Disposal service

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Dispose service in Tokyo

Price System
(Basic Prices is for within Tokyo 23-ku area)

Items that are not accepted by the government,
needed to be recylced by a professional recycling company

We accept the case if your unwanted items valued
more than 6,500 yen.

Price list with one assistant
(Discount is offered for more than one items
dispose delivery
TV & monitor 3,500 yen~ Washing machine 5,500 yen~
mover deliver
Microwave 2,500 yen~ Refrigerator 6,000 yen~
tokyo truck
Desktop PC 3,000 yen~ Laptop 2,500 yen
kanagawa saitama
Air Conditioner 6,000 yen~
Removing air conditioner and dispose 13,500 yen~

Vacume cleaner 1,000 yen~

The second hand market is very small in Japan.
Local people don't have the culture and custom to use second hand items.

Below items can be recycled by the government which is also the most economical way of diposing your unwanted items. However, you need to follow the below points:

  • At least one week before your preferred disposing day
  • Buying the stickers for your unwanted items based on the size, weight and the material from the city hall of your area
  • Deliver your unwanted items to the allocated location at the instructed date and time in your area

    Tokyo Helping Hands
    understand YOU MAY NOT HAVE THE TIME

  • You are BUSY
  • You speak little Japanese
  • You may need to move suddenly
  • You don't like all the troubles and paperwork
  • You are not able to carry the unwatned items by yourself
Simply send us an email for quotation.
We will take care of all the trouble for you.

We can also take care of the below items for you

Price list with one assistant
(Discount is offered for more than one item)

We accept the case if your unwanted items valued
more than 6,500 yen.

chiba quotation
Table 1,500 yen~ Chair 600 yen~
load driver
Sofa 6,000 yen~ Bed frame and mattress
6,500 yen~
assistant move
Drawer 1,200 yen~ Closet 1,800 yen
furniture service
Surf board 2,000 yen~ Stereo 1,800 yen~
sayonara sale
Ceiling light 800 yen~ Bicycle 1,500 yen
recycling company
Desk 1,000 yen ~ Office chair 800 yen ~
discount preparation
Heater 1,000 yen ~ Gas heater 1,500 yen ~
Dispose Moving
Stove 1,000 yen~ BBQ rack 1,500 yen ~



Late night charge If you need to move after 10:00 pm, we will charge you 1,000 yen more in addition to the basic fee.
Minimum charge Total value of all the items exceeds 6,500 yen,
Outside the Tokyo-23ku area If you need to move outside of Tokyo 23-ku area, extra fees will be charged to account for fuel and time costs. These will be discussed at the time of the quotation.

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